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Self-driven, pragmatic, quality-focused software engineer with over ten years of experience working with distributed systems and building applications used by thousands of users a day. Seeking opportunities to work with a team designing and implementing world-changing software systems.
Work History
Software Engineer
December 2015 - Present
Member of the Devtools/Build Infrastructure team, collectively responsible for maintaining a continuous integration system used by all of Dropbox engineering.
  • Owned the test/build EC2 fleet infrastructure and associated services, coordinating with owners of related systems and taking responsibility for problems and feature requests.
  • Reimplemented an existing autoscaling system used to adjust test/build EC2 fleet size for varying workloads, dramatically improving extensibility, robustness, system visualization, and monitoring.
  • Managed the team-level OKR process and redesigned the team's sprint planning process to encourage more domain ownership and longer-term thinking by team members.
April 2013 - April 2014
Built a web-based service to help realtors manage and organizing their paperwork load.
  • Built and maintained the core PDFAgent service: Receive document inputs, classify and reorder pages, and deliver the split forms back to the user.
  • Designed and implemented a custom identification algorithm to classify submitted form pages (dirty scans of paper documents) against canonical copies of candidate forms.
  • Built and maintained a secure web-based user account management system.
Senior Software Engineer
September 2005 - April 2013
Designed, implemented, deployed, documented, maintained, and supported a wide variety of mission-critical web-based productivity tools and services, used by engineers across Google. Focused on building generic solutions that could be widely used throughout the company.
  • Deleted Internets - Built a service for monitoring data on a distributed filesystem and deleting files at appropriate times using a powerful rules specification language. Used by teams ranging from Search, Ads, Gmail, Maps, and YouTube, deleting petabytes of data per day with hundreds of service instances company-wide.
  • Built a web interface for managing and visualizing MapReduce jobs, key infrastructure used by thousands of engineers. The new system provided a rich interface for reconfiguring jobs during runtime, diagnosing problems, monitoring performance, and examining patterns in job execution.
  • Built a service for Google-internal web properties to show ad-like documentation and usage tips to their users. The system has displayed millions of highly targeted, highly relevant ad impressions to Google engineers.
  • Integrated Google Finance with Google+ platform features.
May 2002 - August 2005
  • Designed and implemented NVisionCC, an extensible software framework for visualizing various metrics of a cluster system for the purpose of monitoring system performance and security, using Python, MySQL, and SGI's Performance Co-Pilot (PCP).
  • Explored the use of contagion theory as the basis of protocols for spreading information in peer-to-peer networks.
  • Masters Thesis - "Input/Output Characterization of Parallel Systems Based on Three Scalable Applications"
Software Engineer
June 2000 - August 2002
Urbana-Champaign, IL
B.S. Computer Science, magna cum laude, May 2000
Minor in Economics
Terre Haute, IN
Personal Projects
April 2014 - Present
A multi-user, multithreaded cloud RSS reader service with responsive UI, intended to be lightweight and information-dense. Uses Mithril.js for HTML generation.
A multi-user, multithreaded web-based adventure game. Uses Canvas for graphical display, HTML5 local storage for caching of game data. Implemented a mouse+touch drag & drop API around Mithril.js to help build game UI interactions.
A simple web service for transferring data to/from untrusted computers without entering credentials (which could be keylogged), and without inserting USB keys (which could be infected).
A multiplayer Boggle-like game supporting mouse-, keyboard-, and touch-interaction in a responsve web-based UI.
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ACM CoRR is not a peer-reviewed publication.
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